Choosing the best senior living community for a short-term stay


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What is respite care? That’s one of the most frequently asked questions that senior living professionals receive. Effectively, respite care for the elderly amounts to a short term assisted living option for older adults who want to experience how friendly and supportive senior living can be, or to recover from an illness or a surgery. Read on for an overview of how respite stays benefit older adults and caregivers alike. 

Join a community 

Becoming a part of a senior living community is a serious decision, and short-term respite stays can provide older adults with a glimpse into what life is like at a community. Guests can get to know the other residents, sample the culinary options, exercise at the fitness centers, and experience the services and amenities for themselves. That way, they can be sure they’re making the right decision when choosing to live in a community. 

A place to recover 

Following surgery or a stay at a hospital, older adults may not be able to recover at home. Instead, they might consider recuperating in a senior respite care setting. As they regain their strength, a caregiving staff can assist them round-the-clock with medical management, dressing, and eating, as they regain their strength. 

Questions to ask a community 

Respite care can be a complex topic, so when exploring different respite options, be sure to come equipped with the questions to help you find the right community. Those questions might include the following: 

  • What type of respite care services does the community offer? 
  • What type of training does their staff receive? 
  • How do they handle and mitigate medical emergencies? 
  • Is there a limit to how many hours of respite care a guest is allowed? 
  • What accommodations and amenities are available in their community? 

Short-term stays at Atria 

Atria’s door is always open for those who want to recover or rediscover a vibrant way of life in a supportive environment. We consider respite stays an excellent way for older adults to get a feel for a community, prepare for assisted living, and gauge how much caregiver support they need before transitioning into their next long-term living option. Find out more about the industry-leading care services that Atria offers – for full-time and short-term residents alike.  

If you or someone you know wants to learn more about Atria, visit to discover the location nearest you.   

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